Sunday, November 2, 2008

torches and pitchforks

I forced the staff to shop at the Downtown Farmer's Market. Then, they prepped stuff so I could make the first supper (maybe the second?)

cheesy pumpkin soup, sourdough toast and rockin' little salad. mmm. housemade tongue and groove table :D

but really?

who thought (ok, I did, I reallllly reallly did but I've been accused here and there of being an overachiever) we could actually open a restaurant in 2 months? I mean, even if the joint were in perfect shape it'd been difficult. But still, we're verrrrry verrrrrrrrrrry close, so put away those pitchforks and quit rioting outside and sending me threatening emails.

The reality is, Bennett is working with some challenges... the least of which is my being hyper organized and having held the vision in my bosom for over 5 years now, the bigger part of which is dealing with a 140+ year old building that has suffered a bit and is hesitant to be restored and well, that's bennett's rant, for I could never ever do it justice.

It looks so easy on paper. It does, I can show ya. But the results are gonna be worth it.

here's a peek at what's happenin':

emily, nick and me in the first aprons.

jamie rockin' calder cappuccinos instead of spraypaint!

stefanie holds deli meat near and dear

gratuitious leaning shot of exhaustion

building happenin':

here we have bennett- not only an expert in mangenuity,
but also unicorn catcher of the jigsaw sea

the bennett floor money shot

when you see it, it'll have a rug on it, so appreciate it here, alright?

this is what you see when you walk in: go right on up to that purple counter and place your order!

money shot #2 notice the light grained ash, the walnut inlay, and then the darker ash? meow.

room to grow...

barista area coming together

floor grain beauty

sometimes I forget that natural light actually comes in and it's freakin' gorgeous

look for open doors very very soon.

beezy's will be open at 7 am and close at 6 pm
(and I'm still debating being open on Sunday; I keep going back and forth...)

in fact, we're hosting the space tuesday "after hours" for a nice little test run private party

the health inspection granted us operational status on Friday, now I just gotta have everything squared with the city and all before we're totally legit.

So a soft opening with little fanfare, and then on into a nice grand opening party later in the month- thanks for all the support, kind emails, gentle nudges, leads, opportunities, staff leads, hugs, smiles and I look forward to serving you!


Julesabu said...

Omigod, you MUST open on Sundays. Do you know how desperate we are for a good breakfast/brunch place in this area? Please!!! It will probably be one of your best days.

brookaloo said...

i agree, ypsi needs a breakfast place on sundays especially since it's walking distance from many churches. there is no place to go unless you enjoy smoke with your eggs.

beezy's said...

I am going to work toward being open Sundays... but there's no way at this point I'll get a day off in I start out open 7 days.

There's a big difference between burned out egg and soup making and well rested and loving food making!

I really appreciate the feedback though! I think by Spring we'll have solid footing enough to pull it off.

Rex said...

a dolphin unicorn is a narwhal!