Sunday, November 23, 2008

end of week 2!

beezy's: out of survival mode, the ICU, and starting to settle into being and growing and progressing...

if you've talked to me through the summer, you know that basically the work of two people amounted to the majority of the transformation of the space. One of those people was not me. That not me person was my fiancee. I'm still there. And the restaurant is terrifically unfinished. Does that cover it?

There's lots of big and little buttoning up to do- but all our guests seem to either find it charming and real or offer their tools and hands in exchange for lunch. It's amazing. I had harbored fantasies that we wouldn't be as steady busy as we are and would be able to get more done during the day- aside from caulking, attaching base coving around the counters and trying to catch up with all the rock dust and building debris it's a slow going process. I feel a little like a superheroine- soup & breakfast girl by day, contractor girl at night and best mom in the world through it all. (delusions of grandeur anyone?)

but it's working. and we haven't burned the building down yet. In fact, it seems to be working really, really well:

ypsi food bulletin

best cafe ever

beezy's runs on ...

beezy's buzzing with business

and my first Yelp! review

pretty sweet stuff!

and my crew is amazing- strong personalities, strong sense of caring, and a huge support to me during my difficult personal problems.... I'm amazingly lucky that I have them in my life! thank you jon, erin, nick, jamie, stef, jess, emily, genevieve and my daughter, sami for working so hard and being so awesome!


Anonymous said...

Old A2/Ypsi resident says "Looks good." Hope to visit (but now live Up North). Have fun. Suggestion: the next time you write about your new recipes, don't mention pulling them out of your ass. Doesn't have the wholesome ring of "simple, honest". Right?

Anonymous said...


beezy's said...

it all depends on the ass.