Monday, August 11, 2008

the mr. man show

this photo was taken by Sam- pretty sure we were talking about lights with Sue...

I'm not so great at this keeping a beezy's blog- but the internet is my friend so I know I can do it.

This blog is dedicated to Bennett, who is working as my project manager and CMO (chief mangenuity officer)...

he's the brains and brawn behind pulling the renovation off. He's sourced all the materials and is doing oh, 96% of the labor and I certainly haven't given him his due. Part of that is my innate separation of work & personal life, part of it is that it's so special I really don't have the words for it. It's something to witness, be a part of, and I'm sorry for not displaying it more obviously.

What started as, "oh, I just wanna move this counter, fix the floor and move this stuff to the back" has become the stuff of many a sleepless for the Bennett. It always takes longer to do things right, and while it's a tough go right now (please send more easy tin ceiling vibes! or start!) it's going to be totally rad! And, no doubt, an ongoing struggle to improve and continue renovating even once beezy's is open. I hope that friends, guests, the staff, cheerleaders, and the community finds the work and love in the place charming and a vast improvement! A warm and welcoming spot where you step in and really feel all the love and care, where the blood, sweat and tears we've already poured in is a visceral and passionate part of the story of 20 N. Washington.

Oh, and remember all those invitations to stop by? Lay off for a week so we can get some shit done, alright? Or come by late in the evening! (really!) Or find us at the Tap Room for lunch and we'll chat you up... or Bennett for that post work beer...

so... here's some of the amazing work so far:

the gorgeous wood sourced from John Haling, bottom coat on

layout of the tin ceiling tiles

tearing down the prep area wall and the parts and pieces of the ceiling grid, and HVAC vents, wheeeeeeee!

and there's others scattered through the previous blog posts too!

It ain't pretty right now, but as Bennett's sister mentioned, it's a lot easier to see all the potential.

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