Sunday, April 19, 2009

bad bloggin'

but, I'm on facebook and twitter!

things are progressing nicely- if you've been around you know I'm still trying to get the third room open and my philosophy for sanity right now is to let it happen as it happens- coming out of a crazy first opening months and the emotional and environmental ping pong of spring is making a racket of my already addled brain!

upcoming awesome: starting June 5th we'll stay open late on Friday nights for Crossroads Summer Music Festival on Washington Street; every Friday through June, July and August! We'll start with staying open til 10:30 and see how it goes...

also very excited about this summer's Shadow Art Fair!! Beezy's had just opened when the Winter one went down and we made a lot of friends and I'm working on a little thing or two to pull off a late night breakfast buffet for that... (sponsored by the as yet to be created 'no starving artists in ypsilanti' fund....)

and then there's been just a fantastic run of publicity for beezy's; perception is 99% of the truth I believe and hell, for as rotten as some days are, as stressful as it all it, as much as I still haven't finished (or even started) it's beyond wonderful that we have so much support from so many places- check out and click on the recent press link to get a good overview of what They are saying...

and the internets is my friend, and so are you I hope, so if you have a moment to spare give us some props over at Yelp and Urbanspoon!

this message is brought to you for the love exuded by to and for my awesome neighbors, pals, friends, fans, bartenders and sundry other awesome:
the elbow room
dreamland theater
emYou the magazine
the tap room
misty lyn and the big beautiful
jim roll
drunken barn dance
chris bathgate
matt jones
vg kids
hooray forever
dave lewinski & concentrate media
nick roumel & current magazine
and so too many more that I'm bound to have forgotten several already...

but mostly, thanks to my awesome staff and my amazing daughter and my super pal, jim roll.