Saturday, July 19, 2008

celings and floors and cleaning, oh my!

this looks like fun, doesn't it? It's a damn tragedy what people have done over the years- stuffing this here and that there; ruthlessly ripping tin tiles throwing up a pipe here and dear lord, all the fluorescent lighting...

while I'm not a fan of the existing decor- baby blue walls and purple carpet and acoustic ceiling tiles; it's obvious that it was put together with love and care.

I'm giddy whenever I give someone a tour, because I see pure potential. Bennett is working on matching tiles, but not being obsessed with matching tiles is going to have to be alright. I mean, I patchwork quilt, so I have no issue with 'em not matching. It's amazing how much more open it is already- it's only something like 12 inches.

now the floor- Bennett started getting the carpet up and the subfloor looks sound so far. Going from this:

To some amazing reclaimed ash from Washtenaw county by local sawyer John Haling
this isn't a picture of his wood, but it'll give you an idea of it:

I think I should be getting ready to go the Shadow Art Fair or dinner with Bennett at over at Dawn's. I fell asleep reading 'The End of Food' by Thomas Pawlick then shook myself awake from a dream about painting beezy's.

Yesterday I saw a ton of visitors- Allen from ZCC came by and then Jess Ex of Flint fame; then Ben, Holly and Chuckie of Petoskey fame... Chuckie is now roasting back at my old stomping grounds
They had come down for Warped Tour in Detroit and needed the requisite post show Denny's and there I was a mere 30 minutes away...

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Bennett said...

So now we've finished the demo on the ceiling and from here on in it is all work work work to make it beautiful again. Post some pics, bee!