Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what gets me excited...

Part of being high on Ypsi for me is certainly the potential- not the potential to become some hoity toity tourist area, but the potential I see through so many Michigan towns that have suffered from the bust of the auto industry and factory jobs... that of taking the reins of a new era of commerce that is based locally, cooperatively and passionately.

Yesterday, Sami and I were walking over to the new Jefferson Market (which has an nth the appeal of when Jean Henry was there, but I still want to support it and see it thrive) and a wave of pure happiness washed over me- I am doing exactly what I want. It's so cliche, but absolutely true; all these years I've worked hard, worked smart, been watching and learning, actively arranging resources and waiting for a better moment...

In some respects I couldn't have picked a worse time. The economy is in the crapper (but when in the last 8 years hasn't it been?), gas prices are astronomical (IMO not a bad thing since it forces folks to become more resourceful, eventually leading to the types of community I'm after [see above]), restaurant start ups have a phenomenally high failure rate, Ypsi faces a great many challenges based mostly on what seems to be perception (oh my! there are poor people and strip clubs and panhandlers and a whole lotta people who don't look like they rolled off the pages of a Land's End catalog).

And then to fight, with sheer determination and force of personality (thanks Bennett) against the prejudices of being a young white woman who really oughta just settle somewhere 'nicer'. Well, screw that, if I wanted that, I'd have stayed in Petoskey. There's a big lake there too, even.

The past couple of months haven't been what I ever anticipated what this path would look like. Some days, I can't believe I made this far, and it's really not even begun. But there's this bank thing happening, then the property.

oh and the whole moving to Ypsi thing too.

thanks for being so welcoming thus far Ypsilantians.

ya got my heart.
(and my imagination)

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